WorldFlight 2019

StarT DATE: 2nd november 2019

END DATE: 9th november 2019

World Flight is the highlight of the Simfest calendar.  With 12 Fixed Based Simulators as well as many other followers around the world, we fly for a full 24 hours a day for 7 days!

Expect a week of brilliant fun on our twitch stream as we battle tiredness and virtual jetlag to drag ourselves and our 747 around to world.

Follow our progress at and by using our departure board to see our up to date schedule.

Simfest Dispatch Centre

Don't forget you can use to add the World Flight schedule, and plan your flights for 744, 737, 787,A330 or 777 aircraft.

A manual covering its use with PSX is here, however you can use without PSX and any of the aircraft types listed above.

WorldFlight 2019 Map.png