Despite the sillyness and banter most of the time Simfest was formed to help others through our streaming.

A very nice man called Neil made contact with us 2 years ago as he was raising money for various charities by flying a 48 hour event in a simulator where unlike Simfest where we take breaks he would be in the simulator for the whole 48 hours!

We proudly flew along with them in 2015 and 2016 and this year will be doing the same.

There however is a Simfest twist.... As well as a couple of the usual crew we will be aided by 3 people who have been supporting Simfest  for several years and want to thank by letting them fly the Simfest sim!

So we will be joined by Raefn (whose mum hopefully will trust us to look after), Kev32b (whos wife will no doubt hate us for encouraging his hobby of building his own sim), and Markus (who is from Germany and seriously has no idea what he has let himself in for!)

The simfest team will be donating our own money to team jet sim for their kindness in letting us join in.

PS:  They may wear pilot uniforms but dont let that put you off :-)