When: 26th August 1100z to 2000z


For those of you in the UK who remember Dales Supermarket Sweep your plane is your trolley and several airports in the UK are your Aisles.  

Visit as many airports in the UK as possible during the event to become top of our leaderboard to win a prize.  There will also be special bonus prizes throughout the day hidden at random airports to win a bonus prize.

Dave and Gary will be streaming a live leaderboard from VATSIM-UK live on day at 1200z, once you land we will visit the controller of the airport to collect your prize and put it on our live streamed leader board! Cue plenty of 'What are are the scores on the doors' and other awful game show catch phrases.

To find out more, pick your favourite aircraft put Dales Sweep into your flight plan, Connect To VATSIM on the Ground at Farnborough (EGLF) and tune into www.twitch.tv/simfestuk from 1100z on Saturday 26th August to find out where the prizes are.  The competition starts at 1100z and ends at 1900z.


The Rules for this Saturdays Supermarket Sweep Challenge

1. Everyone must start at Farnborough (EGLF) and register their intent to participate with EGLF_TWR when requesting startup clearance.

2. Upon Landing at the prize airports and picking up your object you must send a private message to EGLF_TWR to inform them

3. All items must be returned to Farnborough before 1900z where the competition winners will be announced.

4. The Location of all items will be shown on both Twitch and our Facebook page throughout the day.

5. The points value of each item will be kept secret until the end of the event, the winners will be the ones with the most points.

6. Bonus items will be announced throughout the day

(Please note you can start and end your go at any time during the day)

(Please note you can start and end your go at any time during the day)