Event Details

On Friday we'll be flying our 747 simulator from Buenos Aries up the Western coast of South America for a night stop in Colombia.  On Saturday we'll continue the journey in our 737 simulator spending the day hopping around the islands of the Caribbean.  Sunday takes us back to our 747 simulator as we continue North through the United States finally coming to a rest in Alaska.

The route has been chosen by one of our real world pilots to try and visit airfields which are a challenge due to terrain, weather, facilities, etc.  He may have picked some minor technical issues for the crew to deal with en-route too so be sure to keep an eye on the stream - who knows what may happen and when!

We'll be flying all the sectors on VATSIM so you're welcome to come and fly alongside, or if you're from the areas where we're going to provide us some ATC!
For those who are unable to join us in the skies we'll be streaming the whole event on twitch so pop in, have a watch and chat with us!


All times are zulu

Day 1, Fri 19th - 747 Simulator

1000 / Buenos Aries  (SAEZ) - Santiago (SCEL) / 1155 - (URINO UA306 UMKAL)
1230 / Santiago (SCEL) - La Paz (SLLP) / 1500 - (DILOK UQ814 PABOS UT276 ENTOP UQ815 LOA UL309 IROBO)
1540 / La Paz (SLLP) - Lima (SPIM) / 1725 - (ELAKO UA304 JUL UM415 MEXUR)
1810 / Lima (SPIM) - Bogota (SKBO) / 2040 - (AMVEX UL305 GIR W17 ABL)

Day 2, Sat 20th - 737 Simulator

1000 / Bogota (SKBO) - Caracas (SVMI) / 1140
1210 / Caracas (SVMI) - Grenada (TGPY) / 1315
1400 / Grenada (TGPY) - Antigua (TAPA) / 1440
1515 / Antigua (TAPA) - St Maarten (TNCM) / 1620
1700 / St Maarten - Kingston (MKJP) / 1920

Day 3, Sun 21st - 747 Simulator

0930 / Kingston (MKJP) - Mexico City (MMMX) / 1240
1320 / Mexico City (MMMX) - Las Vegas (KLAS) / 1640
1720 / Las Vegas (KLAS) - Vancouver (CYVR) / 1945
2010 / Vancouver (CYVR) - Juneau (PAJN) / 2215


Do you use PFPX for planning your flights?  If so check this out!

Route Information Manual

Britjet, one of our team members, has written a Route Information Manual (RIM) for the event.  It's full of useful hints, tips and gotchas.  It's available here


[googlemaps https://mapsengine.google.com/map/embed?mid=zxQqh0_GMsX4.kk6ZAQInVQZ8&w=835&h=626]