The Great Simfest UK Air Race

An event with no plan. . . but your chance to try AFV!

Join the Simfest crew over the weekend of the 10th and 11th August as they attempt to visit all 14 UK airports for which we have scenery for in the quickest possible time, however we’re not allowed to plan the most efficent route!

Prior to each flight the Captain will select, at random, the airport they have to fly to from the ‘pot of pleasure‘, meaning it could be a 10 minute flight between London airports or hours up to Scotland.  At the end of the event we’ll add up the total time flown and the crew will donate an amount based on this time.

Since at Simfest we never like to make things simple nor easy for the crew they’ll be donation goals to sabotage the efficiency of the flight, oh and we’re banning the use of the speedbrake … sorry Dan, and madating approaches be stable.

Get Involved

This event will be taking place on the VATSIM AFV (Audio for VATSIM) beta server, so if you wish to fly along with us you firstly need to sign up to the beta here and then email us ( your details so that we may add you to the list of approved testers.

Flying along with us is a great way to affect our total time as we have to wait for a depature gap or get slowed down for spacing, plus prizes are on offer!  For each airport you visit you’ll be awarded 1 AFV point, the person with the highest total wins, if there is a draw we’ll select a winner at random…. but wait there is more!  Additional AFV points may be awarded for getting a picture with the famous BAW47C, if the crew see an exceptional landing, if you get it so wrong you make us cry, etc.

We also heartily recommend that you consider donating your total time too, e.g. £1 for every hour it takes you; as a bit of fun.