Team Flex were approached by a member of their World Flight Team with the concept of flying from Birmingham, Uk to Christchurch, Nz over 48 hours with one member of their team remaining awake throughout the whole event.

Once we heard about the event Simfest thought that it would be an ideal opportunity to test fly our new Boeing 747 simulator while also supporting and promoting the Team Flex event.


Birmingham (EGBB) - Amsterdam (EHAM) - Vienna (LOWW) - Dalaman (LTBS) - Dubai (OMDB) - Bangkok (VTBS) - Kai Tak (VHHX) - Singapore (WSSS) - Perth (YPPH) - Adelaide (YPAD) - Sydney (YSSY) - Auckland (NZAA) - Wellington (NZWN) - Christchurch (NZCH).

Notable Events

  • Turning on the dispatch PC caused the whole of the electricity to trip out.
  • Flying a parallel approach into Dubai with Team Flex
  • Craig flying through the middle of a thunderstorm as he had forgotten to turn the WX radar on.
  • Adding SATCOM to the CDU so we can now Skype anyone directly from the flight deck.