Event Details

Worldflight is our marquee event starting at 2300z on Saturday 31st October which sees us flying around the world in 45 sectors non stop for 7 days, 24 hours a day, landing back where they started at around 1030z on Saturday 7th November.  Joining us on this flight will be a group of other full sized, home built flight simulators and a team of Air Traffic Controllers looking after us the whole time.

This year we will be travelling anti-clockwise around the world visiting 26 countries from the sprawling metropolises of Shanghai and Heathrow to the pure isolation of the Ascension Islands.  We'll experience hot humid conditions in South America having previously battled our way through the cold of Russia.  From massive airports like Houston to little strips such as Nadi we're sure to experience something unique on every leg!

The crew will suffer from lack of sleep and jetlag as they step out from the bright sunshine of the simulator into the pitch black of reality loosing all track of time.  The tight turnaround times and the need to keep up with the pack of other simulators means they experience the same pressures as operating the real aircraft to a schedule - expect we don't get the opportunity to cancel!  Consuming a weeks worth of junk food never helps either!

The work for the crew doesn't stop though when they're not flying the sim as everyone has ancillary tasks within the group, from cooking to fixing, from social media to running to the shops - there is no chance you're going to finish at 3am and go to bed!

So why do we put ourselves through all this?

To raise loads of money for charity!  We stream our endeavours, successes and failures for you all to watch in the hope that you will donate to us.  All the money raised is then sent to our charity of the year, which this year is The Cure Parkinsons Trust.  This year we're 35% towards our target of £5000 therefore we really would appreciate you joining us on the stream, saying hello and donating.

The whole event takes place on the VATSIM network, so if you're a member why not come along and fly some legs with us?  The event is really well supported by the VATSIM membership and if you join us on any sectors it won't be unusual for you to be flying along with 30+ other pilots all taking part in the event.  For the first and last legs we've seen over 150 pilots turn up to fly alongside us!


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